Bodies of The ICM

The main bodies of the ICM are the General Assembly, The International Council of Micronations Court, The Members Council, and the Security Council.

General Assembly
The General Assembly is the main organization within the ICM, it decides on laws and policies. It has 3 members as of 4/23/24

International Council of Micronations Court
The ICM court, is where laws of the ICM  are used, and the court is used to determine if a individual, organization, or micronation has broken a law.

Members council

The Members Council of the ICM is  organization where every single micro  has a voice universally, it has 7 members in total, and they do the same thing as the General Assembly, but they are more focused on international threats and how to counter them. 

Security Council 

The Security Council, under under the ICM's charter,  aims for intermicronational peace and security. it has 4 members, each member has 1 vote under the charter, and all members are obligated to comply with the councils decisions. The SC determines the existence of a threat or act of aggression, and calls upon nations to settle them peacefully. 

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