International Laws

These are the Intermicronational laws of the International Council of Micronations, these are to ensure safety and peace within the Micronational Community. 

1. All member states, shall not be permitted to be in a state of conflict unless instigated by another country that genuinely attacks. Defensive conflict is the only conflict.

2. The use of any type of criminal activities used against a state or organization is against international, and Intermicronational law. using these methods the organization or state face ban and are marked as a terrorist group.

3. The use of criminalistic threats are not permitted, and will result in being blacklisted and marked a terrorist group.

4. If a defensive war was to escalate bad enough, lethal force is permitted, however, the murder of any individual is not, and will be a instant report to the authorities', and a ban from the ICM.

5. In a event of a defensive war, do not harm civilians of the attacking micronation, however, if they are to attack, you have full right to defend yourself. 

6. In a defensive war, any type of weaponry that can seriously maim or kill a individual are banned. These include Molotov cocktails, any type of firearms, etc. The weapons that are allowed are airsoft/bb guns, rubber band guns, and non-sharp melee weapons. 

7. If you were to win a defensive war and acquired territory, you must treat the citizens as if they are your own, if it just occupied territory, and will be given back eventually, you are to still treat them as your own. 

8. If a war was escalated enough, and if it was requested, a ICM de-militarized zone will be created between the borders of the warring nations.

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