The International Council of Micronations, also known as the ICM, was founded on March 3rd, 2023, by San Donia, The Imperium Discordiae, and The Republic of Mabruenia. It was founded with a goal of having the micronational community be peaceful, and have more security. On March 4th, 2023,  two discord groups, named HXR, and The Commando Army, were declared terrorist groups to the discord sector of micronations. March 6th, Newtonia was declared a terrorist sponsered nation by the ICM. May 5th, 2023, a reform of the ICM was done, to bring more activity on the discord sector, and to keep the organization from dying. June 3rd, 2023, Takáya had their membership suspended due to internal struggles and muting ICM representatives in their discord. June 11th, they are temporally kicked for all of the members safety. October 8th, 2023, The USR and Zeprana are banned from the ICM. October 12th, 2023, the Peoples Republic of Turisia is condemned for a declaration of war against another micronation. November 18th, the Peoples Republic of Turisia is kicked out of the ICM, and on the same day, The Federation of Turisia is accepted into the ICM. Janurary 7th, 2024, a website is created by the president of Mabruenia, along with a bunch of terrorist groups being added to the list, some being UKK, HMG, VT and IRG, all being harmful to the discord sector of micronations, along with attacking some members of the ICM. Janurary 8th, 2024, Republic of Stret Merdin The Free Kingdom of Nicaea, and The Peoples Republic of Turisia are accepted into the ICM. Janurary 12th, The Federation of Turisia leaves the ICM. Janurary 13th, 2024, the first elections for General Secretary and Vice Secretary took place.  Janurary 20th, a coat of arms is adopted for the ICM. Janurary 24th - Janurary 26th, a conflict between the FRT and the PRC break out, and the ICM supports the PRC, but on the 26rh, the PRC is banned from the ICM on the conditions of sending gore. Janurary 27th, The Federative Republic of Australia and the Empire of Zaimore-Charlseton are accepted into the ICM. Janurary 28th, The Nexian Empire is admitted into the ICM, and Stret Merdin was removed from the ICM due to attempting to try The Leaders of Mabruenia and Niceae in a court for warning them against working with the USR. April 23rd, 2024, The Socialist Republic of Malus and The Commonwealth of Faltree are designated as terrorist nations due to their views, and are blocked from entering diplomatic relations with any ICM member, along with any of Malus's allies, however the allies are just blocked from diplomatic relations. XEN, a discord group aimed at getting rid of neo-Nazi's and pedophiles, is designated a terrorist organization for the discord sector due to their actions and, the headquarters was moved to Guttenberg, a Mabruenian territory. April 24th, 2024, an anthem is created for the ICM. April 28th, 2024, The State of Augestan joins the ICM. On June 2nd, 2023, The Empire of Ebenia is accepted into the ICM as a member. June 3rd, 2024, The Union of Januaritania is labeled a terrorist sponsered state, and is blacklisted from joining the ICM, due to their leader Oreson's actions of claiming other micronations as terrorities, and nuking servers. June 15th, The Eldonian Empire is accepted as a member. 

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